Presearch is a search engine based on blockchain technology and sees itself as an open, decentralized search engine that rewards community members with Presearch Tokens for their usage, contribution to, and promotion of the platform.

It launched as a closed beta on the 15th November 2017 for a limited audience and opened up for a public beta on 9th April 2018. The closed beta had an estimated 15 000 users join by word of mouth and the open beta aims for 100,000 users by end of May 2018.

Presearch rewards community members with Presearch Tokens for their usage, contribution to, and promotion of the platform.

In a world where one company controls 77% of all searches, influencing trillions of dollars in spending, shaping perceptions and effectively acting as the primary gatekeeper to the Internet, a new, open and community-driven search engine is a necessity.

Presearch has an innovative go-to-market strategy to target the most frequent searchers – web workers – and gain early adoption, on their way to releasing future versions of the open source platform that will utilize a blockchain-based indexing that is added by community curation.


Now the price of a Presearch token is $0.69 , but it has real potential, so maybe in the next months the price will be much higher, who knows?! You have nothing to lose! With today’s price, you can have at the end of the month this amount of $165,6 ?! I bet you all need this $ 165,6 for free!

I already have 80 Presearch tokens, approximately $ 55,2. How awesome is that?!

The Beta testing will end when the devs will be satisfied with the results and Presearch will be a working product. You can join their telegram group for more updates: https://t.me/presearch

If you wonder when the search engine will be ready, it would take approximately 12-18 months.
You can’t withdraw the reward tokens yet, but this will be possible in the future, so don’t FUD.

From where you can buy Presearch tokens:
  • On CoinExchange, Pr esearch it’s listed as PRE, so pay attention to this aspect, please! You can buy with BTC or ETH!
  • On HitBTC.COM, Presearch it’s listed as PRS, so pay attention to this aspect, please! You can buy only with BTC!
      For more, you can check up their white paper:

How To Earn & Join वीडियो देखे..


                                                            JOIN PRESEARCH


The Presearch Referral Program is Here!

Invite your friends and family to try out Presearch and they’ll each earn 25 bonus PRE credits when they sign up. And as our thanks to you, you’ll receive 25 PRE for every referral who becomes an active user.
Details about the referral program are available under the ‘Referrals’ section of Presearch.

https://www.presearch.org/login (get your referral link when you log into your account)

Get paid to search, and NOW, get paid to share!
And the best part is that you and your friends will be part of our growing community who are changing the world of search through this grassroots, decentralized project.
We’re excited to build a great alternative to the current search monopoly and provide everyone with a better way to access the world’s content on the internet.

Who’s Behind Presearch?

Presearch is led by Project Lead Colin Pape, a serial entrepreneur best-known for creating community commerce network ShopCity.com. And, in 2011, Colin “found himself mired in a battle with Google and realized that the world desperately needs a transparent and open search engine.”

Other key members of the team include Rob Calvert, Nolan Dubeau, and David Keefe.

Presearch Conclusion

Many organizations have tried to challenge Google’s dominance in the search market. Bing has been quietly chipping away at Google’s market share over the years. However, with over 75% of the world’s searches taking place on Google, the company has a dominant hold over the market. This hold gives Google unprecedented control over the world’s access to information.

These are problems that Presearch seeks to solve. The community-sourced ecosystem plans to use blockchain tokens to incentivize the creation of a transparent search engine. With Presearch, content creators will be able to view transparent ranking signals, giving them an even playing field that they don’t have with Google.

You can learn more about Presearch’s plans for the search engine industry by visiting the organization online at Presearch.io.


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  1. only few dollars per month. Its not a handsome output.

  2. only few dollars per month. Its not a handsome output.


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