When you buy or sell Advertising Credits via our auction system, 

your purchase or sale doesn't include any of the additional benefits of purchasing a Traffic Package Option, like i.e. the purchase boost activation. Auctions include only the Advertising Credits themselves.

Infinitytrafficboost How to Use the Auction Room  


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There are no fees for adding an auction and all Tier 1 Advertisers to Top Tier Advertisers can add as many auctions as they like. The minimum number of credits is 1,000 and the minimum starting price is BTC 0.00001 (1,000 Satoshi). When adding an auction, the Advertising Credits are placed into escrow. If the aution doesn't sell, the seller receives 100% of the Advertising Credits back.

All members can bid on auctions and there are also no fees for bidding. When placing a bid, the funds are placed into escrow. To outbid another bidder, you need to increase the last bid by at least BTC 0.00001 (1,000 Satoshi). If a member gets outbid, the bidder receives 100% of the funds back.

If at the time of a bid there are less then 5 minutes left for that auction, the time left for that auction gets extended to 5 minutes.

When an auction is won, the bidder instantly receives the won Advertising Credits and the seller instantly receives 80% of the bid amount into their ITB wallet account.

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