How to create an Ethereum wallet

Step 1: Choose the platform

Go to the website and choose your preferred wallet - WEB, iOS or Android. If you choose a mobile version, download and open the application.

Step 2: Enter the required data 

To create a Ethereum wallet, enter your email address, set a good, strong password, agree to our terms of service and click "Continue".                          


Step 3: Your new Bitcoin wallet  
Done! You've got the Ethereum wallet, We recommend you to visit the security section and save the wallet data in a safe place.

Step 4.1: How to buy Bitcoins via Coinbase  
To buy Bitcoin, sign up on  After registration you will be able to buy and sell Ethereum easily.

Step 4.2: Deposit Bitcoin via Changelly 
To buy Ethereum , sign up on Then choose the convenient way for you to buy Ethereum and follow the instructions of the service.

Secure and multiply your investments


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