WhatsAround application of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has spread beyond the financial services industry. Nowadays, these technologies have found use in other sectors of the economy such as the automotive sector, cloud computing, IT and data, and many more. This new startup is disrupting a $200 billion industry.

You will earn up to $10 of coins if you sign up now as an early adopter. When you complete your profile and level up you will see your coins in your wallet. You can buy paypal cash, amazon, playstore, appstore, starbucks gift cards, or spend your coins at stores around you.

Step 1 : Sign up via your gmail or Facebook account here. 

Step 2 : Download the Whatsaround apps from play/ iOS store.

Step 3: Reffer id : zgVXY (Earn extra $5 coin by use refer id )

Step 4: Log in your account . Just like any other social media network, signing up to have an account with WhatsAround is completely free.

Step 5 : Earn Shotcoins by sharing pictures, upvoting others and commenting on posts
The interesting part is that you don’t have to be a celebrity or garner a ton of followers to benefit from the app. You earn by discovering new places, sharing amazing photos and connecting with new people; basically, stuff you would normally do without an incentive.

See your coins and transactions in ‘WALLET’  section at the top of your profile
WhatsAround is a platform for outdoor enthusiasts to connect with new people and different places. WhatsAround allows users to earn crypto by discovering new places and helping community to find the best secrets of nearby places.

Turn your coins into real money or use them to shop around using ‘MARKET’ section
You can exchange your coins buying ETH, Amazon, PayPal, AppStore, PlayStore Gift Cards. Or you can use them to shop stores around you like Starbucks. Check out our app now and join our lively community!

Let us appreciate your contribution: Earn money on the side while having fun with your friends. 
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WhatsAround payment proof :

How to use WhatsAround and how it works ?

Upon downloading, WhatsAround prompts the user to create a new account. This is followed by a verification of the credentials. This process is straightforward and user-friendly.

After completing the registration, a user can start sharing content immediately. Each activity on the platform is rewarded in Shot points, which are later converted into ShotCoin. The ShotCoin can be exchanged for gift cards in partnering merchants, other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin or even electronic cash.

The Shot points can also be earned when other users ‘like’ your content, when a user saves your picture, and so on. Likewise, a when a user performs the same actions on other content posted in the website, they get rewarded with Shot points. There are also points for referring new users. Continuous activity on the app results in the guarding of the account’s levels, for which users earn points.

What is WhatsAround ?

WhatsAround is a new social media app that rewards its users according to their actions with cryptocurrency in the form of ShotCoin. It’s an app ideal for people who are inspired by the outdoor activities. By sharing what they see and whenever they look at it, the users can earn ShotCoins which at the end the user can turn into real cash. With this app, users can also earn ShotCoins from other peoples’ bookmarks, comments, and upvotes related to the item the user has shared. Moreover, the adventure app rewards its users for discovering locations that can benefit other users. For instance, finding secret spots that would later help someone will earn you ShotCoins It typically means that every action performed on WhatsAround platform, offers the users with points and ShotCoins as an incentive. The app features a private coin wallet, a direct camera, and a simple interface that allows users to upload their quality videos and pictures of their adventures around the world for their friends to see.


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