Computta is the modern Bitcoin Mining Website. Using the computing power of your home PC or laptop. Everyone who knows anything about Bitcoin, knows that attempting to mine.
BTC through a regular computer/PC is an exercise in futility. It has been that way for years now. Not only does it not work, it is guaranteed to turn the user’s PC into a stove, and eventually to burn it to the ground. Even if the hardware didn’t go to waste, the effort would simply never generate enough profit to cover the cost of the electricity used up with the mining.
An average computer that is running 24/7 and mining the cryptocurrency can earn $22.80 each month for their mining efforts.
If you are running a gaming computer, you can generate $78 each month that you run the software 24/7.

Best of all, the software is so easy that even a 5 year old can install and use it. And, it works on 95% of all Windows-based computers. 1mBTC bonus for every user. An average computer makes 22.80$ a month, A gaming computer generates 79$ a month

About Computta Short info ?
  • Two-Click Setup – to install and set up the software you only need two clicks to complete the installation process.
  • Works on 95% of All Computers – The Computta Smart Miner software app is compatible with 95% of all windows OS computers.
  • 100% Automated – Once the software has been installed and set up there is nothing more to do. Just let it run. It is 100% automated and you don’t need to touch it again.
  • 100% Free – There will never be a cost to purchase this software. For the life of the software, the company will offer this free of charge.
  • Connects To Your Website Account – The Computta Smart Miner will connect with your computta account where you’ll see the details about your earning and how much you’ve earned running the software on your computer.
  • Won’t Affect Your Computer – The software work in the background of your computer. If you’re working on your device, the software will stop mining. When your computer sits idle, the software will engage and start mining. There is no need to regulate these settings they are already configured in the software.
  • 100% Passive Income – As long as you keep your computer connected to the internet and turned on, you can generate a passive income each month mining cryptocurrency.
  • Affiliate Program – Earn an extra income using the company’s affiliate program. When you use your referral link and people sign up under your link, you’ll generate an extra commission each month.
What does it cost to get started Computta?
Its free to get started and get access to the members area.

How to Installing ?
Files\Computta) an exception in your anti-virus software before installing.

2.You'll be Downloading at a reasonable

3. I had to install to the default directory as clicking “Browse” made the installer crash.

4.Keep clicking "Next" and wait for it to finish installing. Once it has finished, ensure you select:
Run Computta" and click "Finish"

5. Before clicking “Start Benchmark” ensure that your PC isn’t running programs or games in the background. Your PC may become very slow during the benchmark as it stresses your system to 100% to see what its capabilities are.

6. Once finished you’ll then have to enter your account details that you used to make your account earlier.
7.  IT, you’re ready to start mining. Click “Start earning > >” to begin. Also, remember that the following benchmark is calculated in USD.

8. Miner Settings When you’ve installed and set up Computta, you’ll see the following mining screen

9. Select “Smart” and then go into “Advanced settings”. Here you’ll see how you can edit when your PC will start mining and how intensely it will run.

Set your away time in minutes first. 1 min of no use will Maximise your earnings while ensuring your PC runs smoothly when you’re using it.
The next two sliders represent how you will mine when you’re using your computer.

The Affiliate Program
Computta has a 5 Level affiliate program. Their affiliate program is also a good way to recoup some of those fees along with obviously promoting the companies program to others. You’ll earn 10% of what your direct referrals make, 5% from tier 2 and 3 referrals, 3% from tier 4 and 2% from tier 5. See the image below for a better idea of what that means. Now, this practice may make your hairs stand up on end as it’s similar to what Multi-Level-Marketing , Pyramid Schemes use to entice more members.You can participate in this affiliate program simply through your referral link. There's also an affiliate achievements system where Computta rewards high-end users with one-time payouts or higher commissions.
(Personally sponsored affiliates)
Level 1  - 10%
Levels 2 and 3 - 5%
Level 4 - 3%
Level 5 - 2%
If you have 6 referrals that joined this company and are using their computer to mine cryptocurrency, within 3 months you’ll be earning $180 commission from your referrals.

We currently have a minimum required amount for withdrawal of only 3 mBTC .
So when your Current Balance reaches this amount, you will be able to move the funds to your Wallet by clicking the green "Send to Wallet" button below. From the Wallet you can request payouts of any available amount to your BTC address or do a mobile phone top up.
Your payout request will be processed within 24 hours and usually you will receive your funds within 48 hours. For mBTC withdrawal if you didn't provide your Bitcoin address yet, please first go to Profile -> Payments Settings to add it to your profile.

For mobile top up you just need to enter you mobile phone number with your country code and we will try to detect your local provider. You will have to check if we detected the right one! Then just enter the amount in mBTC and you will see how much in your local currency will be sent. Click "Top Up" and this amount will be sent to your mobile balance within 24 hours.
There is also an email verification step required for both your mBTC and mobile top up payouts. So if you requested a payout, but the verification email did not 

Can I trust
No. Their claims are unrealistic, and they look, feel and act like a Ponzi scheme. Also, no one is willing to step forth as the face of this operation. With Computta, you are essentially allowing a “tame” virus to wreak havoc on your system. Again: Bitcoin mining with a home PC has not been feasible for years now.

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