Ptcshare is a PTC launched of June 2019 and is a simplified version of Paidverts, a PTC / Revshare online and paying since 2014. Formally Ptcshare is a PTC, so you'll have to click paid links to earn, but technically has a operation very similar to a RevShare (you get 118% on your purchase). The project is highly sponsored online as it can benefit from the popularity of its sister site, Paidverts.

What Is PTCShare?
PTCShare is an ad credit scheme. On the surface, they are selling traffic to advertisers but lets be honest that is not really what is going on with PTCShare. Not all traffic is equal and the PTCShare traffic just doesn’t add up. If you force people to view your ad, they will reject your offer. You need to be targeted but you simply cannot pay them to watch ads, it just doesn’t work. There is no way that they can even supply the amount of clicks that are being bought within the scheme. Typically with these schemes only 10% of traffic is even being delivered and that 10% is useless to everybody except the eager affiliates who are earning BAP points out of the deal.

How It Works वीडियो देखें :

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At PTCShare, we believe there is a way to provide effective advertising while creating a business opportunity at the same time. But let's be honest, people mostly come to earn money online! 
We are a Paid-To-Click platform where members get paid for viewing ads for a few seconds. But, unlike other PTCs, we've designed a system that lets you earn according to your involvement within the website.

Ptcshare has a system very similar to Paidverts, so the remuneration depends on the amount of BAP you have in the budget. BAPs are points that allow you to receive advertising to click. Each BAP is worth $ 0.0005 and every time you receive an ad to click, the equivalent of BAP will be deducted from your balance. If your BAP budget is 0, you will not receive any links to click.

To get BAPs there are several methods:
  • 8 daily links of 5 BAPs each;
  • a daily BAP bonus based on your loyalty;
  • purchase of advertising;
  • play your BAPs in virtual games offered by the site
What is BAPs?
On PtcShare, BAP stands for Bonus Ad Point. 1 BAP = $0.0005
So, if you have 2000 BAPs ($0.0005 * 2000 = $1) then it means that you have $1.
PtcShare issues Ads to users every day(not on weekends) based on the total amount of BAPs available in their account.
Unlike other PTC sites, on PtcShare you will see ads valued from $0.0005 to $150+
Yes, you can earn $150+ per ad view on Ptc Share. That’s what makes it different from other PTC sites. have a look at the below image: A $30 value ad.

PTCshare Referral Program
PTCshare Referral Program Now in this Ptcshare Review, we will discuss the referral program by PTCshare. If you refer your friends or other people to Ptcshare then you will get 7% commissions of their Ad packs purchase, and 3% from the value of every ad they surf & view.

If you refer even a single person then you will be earning 7% commissions every time he buys an Ad pack and 3% when he views Ads.

Registration Guidelines

  • Step 1: You can join PTCshare from this special link below
  • Step 2: Create your account at PTCshare by the image below. Please make sure that displays “I confirm that I was referred by degeabk” so my community can support you in the long run. (If it doesn’t display my referral code: degeabk, you can click to change button and write my referral code down).

  • Step 3: You need to check your email & confirm your activation link that PTCshare sends to your registered mail to make your account active. (plese make sure to check spam folder as well).

  • Step 4: Login in to your account to experience some of functions of PTCshare.

How much money can you make?
Now here’s the most important part. The answer to this question will really depend on how active you are on the site.
But let me just say right away, if you plan to become a member of PTCShare, don’t expect to earn a significant amount of money. That’s because the amount you will earn for their offers, surveys and ads will be very low.
The rewards you will get will range from $0.0005 to $1. You will mostly see $1 rewards on the paid offers. But don’t expect to get a lot of it.
As for the paid ads, remember, you will be limited to 40 BAPs daily. So your earning potential from paid ads will be quite limited. And when I tested their paid ads, it seems like every paid ad you view will deduct 4 BAPs.
As shown on the photo in the Paid Ads section of this review, you only stand to earn $0.0005 per ad. So in a day, you can only earn $0.005 from paid ads.

Is PTCshare Scam or Legit?
Before proceeding further, I would like to answer this question because there are so many people that want to get started with PTCshare but they are confused whether they should start or not.
So by coming to the main point, Is Ptcshare Scam or not? The Answer is; PTCshare is 100% real, genuine and legal platform to earn money.
The model is based on Advertising. Ptcshare never offers any fixed return or profits they simply share the percentage of revenue generated by them to their users.

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