इस Value Pack में Dr. Vivek Bindra द्वारा बनाए गए 8 Guinness World Records शामलि है जो आपके Business को 10X तेजी से बढ़ाने में आपकी मदद कर सकते हैं । इस Pack में Marketing, Strategy, Sales, Business Operations और Startup को चलाने के तरीके बताए गए है। Pack मे Business को आगे बढ़ाने की Strategies और Framework भी शामलि है।

Business ka Brahmastra: (VALUE PACK: Rs. 2,999/- + GST): Money Back Guarantee Product Note

1. Collection of Dr. Vivek Bindra’s 8 Guinness World Records on different business topics ranging from Sales, Strategy, Retail, Marketing, Operations, Start-Up, Productivity to Leadership lessons.

2. 300+ Strategies: Fast-Track MBA Crash Course

3. Customer also gets to choose 3 Problem-Solving Courses (PSCs) worth Rs. 30,000/- and above

4. Relevant for All Business Functions, Industries, Business Stage from Wannapreneur, Solopreneur to Entrepreneur.

5. Limited Time Period Offer:

Money-Back Guarantee (MBG) Launched

Customers eligible for Full Money Back Guarantee on registering complaint within 2 Days from Purchase on Customer

Service Number.

Buy It Watch It — Like It

Don’t Like It — Register for Refund within 2 Days — Refund within 2 Working Days


1. MBG is specifically for Business ka Brahmastra Value Pack Product

2. Customers Upgrading to BCP | LTM Pro | IBC Pro | LFP by 30-Apr-22, their Total Money for Value Pack will be Adjusted.

3. For Refund cases due to MBG, Commission on Sales by CP/IBC will get reversed.

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